Boating is a passion like no other, where captains all hail different kinds of vessels on the sea to show their taste and values. Boat builders value these customers as they represent their brand and their livelihood. There is no exception to that fact here at Fortier Boats as we value every one of our amazing customers. With that being said though, a few customers have gone above and beyond in showing their loyalty to Fortier Boats. Matthew McNamara, Richard Bohan, Doug Barret, and Bailey Norton have been customers of Fortier Boats for a collective thirty years now. In that time span Mr. McNamara, Mr. Bohan, and Mr. Barret have owned a Fortier 26’, 30’ and 33, while Mr. Norton has owned two 33’s and a 40’ . This profound loyalty has caused us here at Fortier Boats to recognize these customers by placing them in the “All Fortier Club.” This club is meant to exemplify and recognize how loyal Fortier Boats customers are. No other customers show that more than the aforementioned gentleman. We congratulate Mr. McNamara, Mr. Bohan, Mr. Barret, and Mr. Norton for their achievement and we thank them for their loyalty to us along with our entire customer base for supporting us throughout the years.

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